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Genii has been a teacher since playing school with her dolls. Since college Genii has taught - first, as a classroom teacher, a school librarian, and now a teacher of yoga, SUP, and MELT. 

Portrait photographs  by Genine Gullickson

Post Class Comment Cards July 2014   

Post Class Comment Cards July 2014


"What If" Read at Wednesday, August 6th Yoga Class at Wiawaka

“What if religion was each other?


If our practice was our life?


If prayer was our words?


What if the temple was the Earth?


If forests were our church?


If holy water-the rivers, lakes, and oceans?


What if meditation was our relationships?


If the Teacher was life?


If wisdom was self-knowledge?


If love was the center of our being?”



Ganga White, founder of White Lotus Foundation



Birch Lady at Wiawaka